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24 Hour Fitness Machines Top Weight

The availability of a 24hr fitness gym gives you absolute control over your muscle fitness routine. Home exercise machines equal 24hr workout access. Oh, the joys of no body-hugging fitness apparel, no travel time to health clubs like Fitness XSport, no parking hassles, no sweaty equipment, no demented, yapping dogs, and no weather woes! With 24hr fitness equipment such as a treadmill or elliptical machine at your disposal, you can be up and running in less time than it takes to say gym bag.

Anyone who exercises fitness choices on a daily basis, no matter what form these take, will experience an enhanced quality of life, a greater sense of vitality and wellbeing, and natural weight loss without excessively restrictive diets. Making a workout in your own 24hr fitness center part of your daily routine, also improves coping skills as far as stress is concerned.

6 Keys to Self Publishing Success

Authors who decide to publish their own books can set themselves up to succeed. If you've decided you want to try your hand at self-publishing, here are six of the best ways to get on the right track to self-publishing success.

Treat it like a business For most authors, writing is an avocation, something you fit into the rest of your life. It may be a private refuge of creativity, a space that's outside the storms of day-to-day life. But book publishing is a business, and a self-publisher has a responsibility to run her business efficiently, and at a profit. You should expect the same.

Keep accurate records You are about to become a content provider, perhaps even an information entrepreneur. Your ability to make informed choices as your business matures is dependent on how good your information is. Keeping track of your business, understanding profit and loss and how to prepare rational budgets and projections about your publishing project are all necessities of business.

9 Pioneers of Fitness

In composing any list of important people in almost any field, everybody will have his or her own favorites. Also, in weight lifting, body building, physical fitness, aerobics, just to name a few areas, there are so many people who have contributed so much that it is difficult to pare the list down adequately. I have attempted, however, to include people who have repeatedly come to my attention since my first contact with weight training at age 16 in 1961. I have tried to put the emphasis on people who I felt were somewhat pivotal in the areas of weight lifting, body building, aerobics or general physical fitness. I am sure that many readers will have their own favorites.

Achieve High Fitness Levels With

A high level of physical fitness is something many people want to achieve. This is because improved physical fitness is associated with a better looking body, higher energy levels and an improved immune system. In this article I provide three key ways to improve your physical fitness levels.

1) LIFESTYLE CHANGE:- One of the easiest ways to improve your current fitness levels is to make small, positive changes to your daily routine. Specifically, you need to improve your diet and your exercise routine. As I have mentioned, these changes do not have to be large. If you make small, regular changes to your lifestyle, over time these will become significant changes which provide impressive results.

Advice On Sports Nutrition Supplements

Have you wondered how your favorite athletes do their workout? Or what kind of exercises they perform, what kind of food they eat or how do they manage to relax under pressure situations? Probably you don't care about all this because what matters for you is their performance in the sport. But it doesn't mean that they don't take care of themselves like we do.

In fact, athletes need to monitor their lifestyle very closely and keep their health conditions at par with their competitors; not just by eating right food items but also by consuming supplements.

Supplements are an integral part of athletes' diet. It is required to have an enhancement of their endurance, and also to increase or, if not increase, at least maintain the appropriate muscle mass to be able to improve size and strength.

Are Retirees Dummying Down Biologically

It is widely know that your brain is like a muscle, or at least it operates in much the same way. If you work out every day, you muscles become very strong, and if you think a lot, your mind becomes so much faster at processing and reasoning. No one can really deny any of that, it seems to be the reality of how things work. Now then, not long ago I was discussing all this with a psychologist professor, retired, at the local Starbucks, and he noted that as people age, they lose their processing speed, memory, and ability to reason as well.

In fact, without being too awfully critical, I was underwhelmed with his knowledge recollection of his own area of study, and I'd have expected more from a professor of psychology in that regard, and yet, he admitted that he'd been away from teaching at New York State University for about 15-years now, and really hadn't kept up with it much. That's too bad, but he didn't seem to mind and even told me that after much consideration he considered information knowledge somewhat over rated.

Bench Press for Your Brain

We all understand what happens to our body as it ages.

Without intervention (an exercise/activity program) we know that our muscles waste, our lung capacity decreases, our heart gets weaker, our bones become brittle, our flexibility and mobility decrease, our reaction time slows, our posture suffers, we move slower and we become more susceptible to illness and injury.

Unless of course we happen to live a naturally active lifestyle (one where we regularly expend lots of energy, move, lift, stress our body... consistently do stuff physically).

I have spoken before on this site about a concept called biological age (also known as physiological age) and we have established that by controlling certain variables (diet, lifestyle, exercise, stress levels) we can absolutely turn back our body clock. Even though we may be fifty (chronologically) we can 'build' ourself the body equivalent to that of a typical thirty year-old (in terms of cardio-vascular function, strength, bone density, blood pressure, flexibility).

Cellular Nutrition is the Best

Quite evidently, the very best basic nutrition is absorbed through cellular nutrition. What a joy to hear the excitement in the voice and see the astonishment in the eyes of a person who has started a cell activated nutrition program! The reaction is typical enough that it's no wonder certain specific programs like these are among the world's most popular. Yet the happiness and exuberance expressed, about the newly discovered energy level and overall sense of well being that comes with them, is always unique and gratifying.

What is Cellular Nutrition?

Cellular Nutrition is the principle that would be adhered to by a person seeking the very best solid basic nutrition program. It's been found that in order to be genuinely effective, nutrition must start and stay at the cellular level. This makes great sense because we, our bodies, are made up of trillions of cells, each with its own special function and basic nutritional needs to perform that function. So, it becomes of prime importance not only to find out what each of these specialized cells nutritional requirements are, but then to make sure the correct specific nutrition is delivered to each cell and be properly absorbed by each cell. The Medical Advisory Board researches for the exact best ingredients and calculates the nutrient ratios in the very best supplement nutrition programs available. These programs produce a kind of nutritional efficiency that is optimal nutrition for each and every cell in the body!

Chemical and Biological Warfare

Did you know that in Osama bin Laden's treasure trove of files was information on how to disperse bio-weapons in America, he wanted to use ricin? Yes, that's a scary thought indeed. Did you know that Hilary Clinton is going to speak at Geneva, Switzerland - at the convention meeting coming up - about the need for more control and rules over the use of bio-weapons?

Consider if you will the cache of bio-weapons which escaped from Libya recently, or even the arrests made in and around Atlanta of so-called home grown terrorists with the taped recording of how to turn castor beans into ricin recently.

Bio-weaponry is not new, nor are chemical weapons, after all in the trenches of WW I they were very deadly, surely you've heard of mustard gas and the like. There is a good account of how chemical and "bacterial weapons" (the predecessor title given to bio-weapons) in the book; "The Command of the Air" by Giulio Douhet. You can get your own copy as there was a recent re-publication through the University of Alabama Press in 2009; ISBN: 978-0-8173-5608-8 which is wholly based and re-printed from the author's 1929 work.

Chemistry Nutritional Supplements Or Whole Foods

Increasingly, as if there is a "new" discovery parade for the latest cure-all, probiotics have come again to the forefront. As I read the varying articles and studies, I am struck by how far afield we have come from normal, common sense.

In order to maintain a healthy body, there is a tripod of health: body, mind, and spirit. Knock out one leg of that stool, and the stool topples over. Probiotics, diet, dietary supplements address only the "body" leg of the health tripod. So let's start there.

Anything taken externally, whether it is natural or medical (chemical or surgical) in support of the physical, has only ever been intended as temporary support until we have regained or achieved the necessary consciousness to support complete and perfect health; much as you might use a crutch to recover from a broken leg. When the leg is healed, we throw the crutch away as we should throw the supplements and medications away.

10 Myths about Organ Donation

10 Myths about Organ Donationҫҫ by Hal Stevens

in Family / Genealogy ҫҫ (submitted 2009-05-27)

Organ Donation is a very touchy subject. As we see, all things related to the medical or mortuary fields, a lot of people are under general misconceptions having heard rumors or urban legends which they hold to be true.

If you've delayed your decision to be a donor because of possibly inaccurate information, here are answers to some common organ donation myths and concerns.


1. If I agree to donate my organs, the attending physician or emergency room staff won't try to save my life. They'll remove my organs as soon as possible to save somebody else.

5 Benefits Of Worm Farming

5 Benefits Of Worm Farmingҫҫ by Hashbury

in Home / Gardening ҫҫ (submitted 2010-12-09)

1. Worm farming is great for the environment. It is something that gives back to nature and does not take anything away. Many people farm worms just for this reason alone. We are in a time where everyone wants to go green, and this is one great way to go green. Hopefully, one day worms will be the answers to all of our excessive garbage problems.

2. You can make a nice residual or full time income from worm farms. Believe it or not, you can make a nice income from farming worms. You can sell the worms, or you can sell the worm castings(worm poo). Some variety's of worms can sell for a pretty high price. Worm castings are always in demand and sell for even higher prices. Worms reproduce at a very high rate allowing huge returns on just a rather small investment.

A-Z of Worm Farming

Vermiculture is the technical term for worm farming which is a useful way or turning organic waste into incredibly rich compost. You can use it on vegetables patches, flowers beds or any plant and the results are simply stunning! Considering that millions of tons of organic waste are added to landfills and rubbish dumps all over the world every second, worm farming will definitely be the wave of the future. Methane gases from this decomposing organic waste in landfills are already a huge contributing factor towards global warming. The alternative is worm farming that can be done on any sized scale and almost anywhere as well. Worm farming if done properly can even turn into a profitable business for you!

All About Organic Food

All About Organic Food For Toddlersҫҫ by Anthony on behalf of

in Family / Parenting ҫҫ (submitted 2010-01-26)

Organic toddler food is becoming more popular, and for good reasons. For good health, nutrition and healthy bodies it is important that we try to give our toddlers the best start possible. Organic foods are one way to do this.

There are many compelling reasons to feed toddlers organic foods over conventional foods. Issues related to children's health and proper growth and long-term health benefits all come into play.

There are benefits of organic foods no matter your age. However, some research relates that children may benefit more than adults. The main problem with conventional food is the amount of chemicals and pesticides found within them.

Answers to Some Important Questions

Many people are growing more interested in searching for different ways to keep themselves healthy. They are willing to change their current lifestyle to a healthier one, which for some people can mean trying organic foods.

Organic foods are not for everybody. Unfortunately, they are dearer and for anyone on a fixed budget this can be a problem.

Below are FAQs about organic foods that may help you to decide whether to start eating organic foods or not:

1. What is the meaning of organic, relating to food?

Organic food means they do not contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and are grown without artificial pesticides, fertilisers or any chemicals. There is some variation to the standards of organic rules in different countries, because they have the freedom to set their own regulations and guidelines. Generally to be sanctioned as organic, the land must be tested free from and all banned chemicals every year for 3 consecutive years or more before use.

Ask Your Doctor

Are you interested in taking organic vitamins? Is this something you have been thinking about for a long time? If you answered yes to these questions there is no better time than now to learn more about the pros and cons. To ensure that you are getting all the right answers, ask your doctor about organic vitamins. This will go a long way in putting you in position to make a decision that you are happy with, as well as one that will benefit your overall level of health.

There are many questions you can ask your doctor pertaining to organic vitamins. Do you know where to start? Once you open up this conversation you will be well on your way to learning a lot.

Everything You Need

There is much to be said for organic skin care. Apart from the fact that it is very, very effective, it is also very safe to use. That is a rare combination when it comes to products for skin care. However, many people still do not know how the products are organic skin. Therefore, we take a detailed look. While many people go to the big names and buy only products that earn the maximum amount of TV time, which they do not realize is that the most famous is not always the best.

The majority of artificial cosmetics are not as effective as organic skin care. And to make matters worse, they have a large amount of chemicals in their ingredients that can do significant damage to the skin and even their internal organs, which can be very serious. Some of the chemicals found in products for skin care can be very dangerous man. These include alcohol, artificial fragrances, parabens, triclosans, phenol and carbonic acid.

Facts About Organic Cosmetic Certification

Facts About Organic Cosmetic Certificationҫҫ by AJ Spicoli

in Health / Skin Care ҫҫ (submitted 2010-02-06)

On the other hand, we are fortunate that it will not be difficult to find these natural organic products anymore. This is because the BDIH or Bundesverband Deutscher Industrie und Handelsunternehmen has created helpful guidelines that will aid the cosmetic manufacturers in manufacturing only certified organic/natural cosmetic products of highest quality.

The BDIH is the union of German industries and trading companies for health products, personal hygiene products, pharmaceuticals, and food supplements. This association is based in Mannheim, Germany and has coordinated almost 400 manufacturers as well as distributors of cosmetics, nutritional foods, food supplements, medications, etc.

Facts About Worm Farming

Worm farming is a fantastic technique to naturally compost waste and other discarded materials. Therefore, nutrient rich soil is produced and can be made use of in flower beds, crops, and gardens. Irrespective of all the reading and studies one does, issues may arise and can result in some concern.

Here are a small number of the commonly reported calls into question and effects of worm farms.


It is often thought by many that a smelly worm farm is common. In fact, it is not. If worms are retained a proper environment, they will not smell. If the farm has an odor, the most likely cause is overfeeding.

Material to be composted is placed on the top layer of soil for the worms to consume. If too much is given to the worms, it can set out to rot causing a develop of bacteria within the walls of the worm farm. This is the grounds for the smell.

Getting To Know More

Getting To Know More About Organic Skin Careҫҫ by FGill

in Health / Skin Care ҫҫ (submitted 2012-04-05)

Why Go In For Organic Skin Care Products

Whether we like it or not there is no denying the fact that we are today living in a world which pays a lot of attention to looks and appearances. Hence it is becoming extremely important for us to find out ways and means by which we can start looking good. Looks do play an important role in defining our success in career and also in our personal lives. It is therefore quite vital for us to identify the right products and gadgets that could help us to look good. Skin indeed plays a very important role in enhancing our looks and therefore we spend lot of money and time in going in for various skincare products. We go either for natural or organic skin products or settle for some big brands which offer a number of artificial skincare solutions. While going in for artificial skin care products we have to be very careful and avoid those products which contain harmful chemical compositions. Such artificial care products may help in making the skin look glowing and bright in the short term. However, over a period of time apart from damaging the skin, they could also become the breeding ground for a number of deadly diseases including various forms of skin and other types of cancer. Hence, to the extent possible it is better to stick to natural body care products.