5 Benefits Of Worm Farming

5 Benefits Of Worm Farming   by Hashbury

in Home / Gardening    (submitted 2010-12-09)

1. Worm farming is great for the environment. It is something that gives back to nature and does not take anything away. Many people farm worms just for this reason alone. We are in a time where everyone wants to go green, and this is one great way to go green. Hopefully, one day worms will be the answers to all of our excessive garbage problems.

2. You can make a nice residual or full time income from worm farms. Believe it or not, you can make a nice income from farming worms. You can sell the worms, or you can sell the worm castings(worm poo). Some variety's of worms can sell for a pretty high price. Worm castings are always in demand and sell for even higher prices. Worms reproduce at a very high rate allowing huge returns on just a rather small investment.

3. Worms can be your own personal garbage disposal. You can give worms all your left over food scraps for them to eat. They can survive on food scraps alone, but bigger worm farms will also need food supplements like newspapers. Worms can also eat your old left over newspapers. This actually provides a very good substrate for them to eat.

4. Worm castings are great for vegetable and flower gardens. The castings they produce can be added to gardens as a all natural fertilizer. The worm castings are one of the best organic fertilizer a person could use in their garden. The worms can also be placed in gardens to make the soil much more rich. They plow the soil by burrowing through it. This also aerates and conditions the soil making it perfect for planting.

5. Worms are great to fish with and can provide stocked ponds with food. A lot of farm raised fish are now being partly fed with worms. This is great for the fish farmers, because they can also farm worms for a fraction of the price as normal fish food. I personally use worms from my farm to take my kids out fishing on the weekends. This is a great activity for me and my kids.