A-Z of Worm Farming

Vermiculture is the technical term for worm farming which is a useful way or turning organic waste into incredibly rich compost. You can use it on vegetables patches, flowers beds or any plant and the results are simply stunning! Considering that millions of tons of organic waste are added to landfills and rubbish dumps all over the world every second, worm farming will definitely be the wave of the future. Methane gases from this decomposing organic waste in landfills are already a huge contributing factor towards global warming. The alternative is worm farming that can be done on any sized scale and almost anywhere as well. Worm farming if done properly can even turn into a profitable business for you!

What is worm farming or 'Vermiculture?'

In a nutshell; worm farming is the new organic way of turning your household waste into something incredibly useful. Special composting worms can break you're your organic household waste and scraps into an incredibly powerful compost that will make any plant flourish. Almost 60% of household waste is organic so you will be doing your bit for the environment. These are special types of worms that originated in the Amazon jungle and by incorporating them into the correct conditions you can have an organic waste disposal that produces rich dense compost for your garden. This compost is called 'worm castings' and an alternative fertilizer as good as this would cost you a fortune at a nursery or farmer supplies. Your worm farm needs certain conditions to flourish and do the jobs you want it to, but once you have the hang of it you will see that it is very rewarding and quite simple to. When you are an expert you can begin worm farming for profits by teaching others how to start their own worm farms...

Can I do Worm farming for profits?

It is possible to pursuit worm farming for profits in different niches, but you will first have to know all the tips and tricks to make your worm farm successful. If you want to make money on a small scale in your backyard then you can sell this rich fertilizer worm casting to your neighbors for their pot plants, gardens and vegetable patches. It is possible do worm farming for profits by also breeding these special composting worms, but you will need to understand the special conditions that are needed in order to make breeding composting worms a success.

Some farmers are seeing a huge demand for organically grown produce that is free from the residue of man made chemical fertilizers and pesticides and if you have a big enough piece of land, it is possible to produce enough for small scale farmers as well. Commercial farmers can set up their own extensive sized worm farms for profits, and make use of the worm castings to their benefits for crops and vegetable produce growing.