Are Retirees Dummying Down - Biologically Speaking The Science Is There

It is widely know that your brain is like a muscle, or at least it operates in much the same way. If you work out every day, you muscles become very strong, and if you think a lot, your mind becomes so much faster at processing and reasoning. No one can really deny any of that, it seems to be the reality of how things work. Now then, not long ago I was discussing all this with a psychologist professor, retired, at the local Starbucks, and he noted that as people age, they lose their processing speed, memory, and ability to reason as well.

In fact, without being too awfully critical, I was underwhelmed with his knowledge recollection of his own area of study, and I'd have expected more from a professor of psychology in that regard, and yet, he admitted that he'd been away from teaching at New York State University for about 15-years now, and really hadn't kept up with it much. That's too bad, but he didn't seem to mind and even told me that after much consideration he considered information knowledge somewhat over rated.

Still, and yes, I agree with him - but he had a difficult time hopping from intellectual topics or deep reasoning. It's as if he'd purposely turned off his mind or that his 15-years of retirement had gotten the best of him. Perhaps, that was it, although, I am not a psychologist, and I didn't press the pertinent questions to test his psychological profile, much more than what I've shared with you here today. But the case study was fascinating to me.

There was an interesting video program on the Wall Street Journal's video network; "Market Watch" which was titled; "Retirement Makes You Stupid, Author Says," posted on May 9, 2011 which stated; "Don't just sit there, embrace the rat race! That's the advice of economist Todd Buchholz in his book "Rush," who says competition makes people smarter and more satisfied and companies more productive. Jonathan Burton said in the interview."