Chemical and Biological Warfare and the Future of Conflict Considered

Did you know that in Osama bin Laden's treasure trove of files was information on how to disperse bio-weapons in America, he wanted to use ricin? Yes, that's a scary thought indeed. Did you know that Hilary Clinton is going to speak at Geneva, Switzerland - at the convention meeting coming up - about the need for more control and rules over the use of bio-weapons?

Consider if you will the cache of bio-weapons which escaped from Libya recently, or even the arrests made in and around Atlanta of so-called home grown terrorists with the taped recording of how to turn castor beans into ricin recently.

Bio-weaponry is not new, nor are chemical weapons, after all in the trenches of WW I they were very deadly, surely you've heard of mustard gas and the like. There is a good account of how chemical and "bacterial weapons" (the predecessor title given to bio-weapons) in the book; "The Command of the Air" by Giulio Douhet. You can get your own copy as there was a recent re-publication through the University of Alabama Press in 2009; ISBN: 978-0-8173-5608-8 which is wholly based and re-printed from the author's 1929 work.

On page 6 of this book the author makes mention of the evolution in future wars of chemical warfare, and the mention of bow and arrow to machine guns. Now then, I have some questions to ask, namely:

A.) In hindsight the author appears to be in error, as although there has been some chemical warfare advances; Sarin Gas, etc. - which are extremely deadly, maybe the evolution in the case of chemical warfare, chemicals against humans has been moved to not only his "bacterial weapons" but to viral and ominous "biological warfare" - but, is there a point at which those weapons may be just too powerful to use, causing treaties to prevent their use, just as with Nuclear Weapons, and the push by many nations without cluster munitions to call for the banning of various types of Gas-Air-Weapons?