Education Based Marketing Can Increase Sales Results

Any day in the week, several gray suits enter the marketplace selling their products and services. Gray suits are those sales professional who act and, therefore, sell like everyone else. Their sales to earn ratios (sales to close for those gray suits who still believe in closing the sale) range from 5% to 25%.

Now imagine being a Red Suit in the Sea of Gray Suits where your sales to earn ratio jumps over 50% and averages near 75% to 80%. What would that mean for your business, your view of yourself and let's not forget your piggy bank?

First, let's examine a couple of established beliefs that must be changed.

The first belief of traditional sales based marketing (SBM) focuses on establishing a monetary reward as quickly as possible so that the next reward can take place. Given that most sales (80%) are completed between the 5th and 12th contacts, this belief of quickly is somewhat in error. (Source: National Sales Executives Association).

The second belief is giving anything away for free is wrong because the goal is a sale hence the name sales based marketing. Professional sales people must be compensated for their efforts ASAP! Unfortunately, the 21st century technology driven global economy has changed the marketplace forever because free information is readily available through the Internet.

Second, let's look as the role of the professional sales person in this new 21st Century technology driven marketplace. The role has not changed from years ago because today as in yesterday, the role is to become the trusted advisor.

Now the question is what behaviors does a trusted advisor demonstrate?

Sharing of information

Knowing who does what within the local business community

Being a sounding board for the customer or client

Simply speaking, the sales professional of the 21st century is an educator. To educate from its Latin's origins means to "lead out." As sales professionals are you not leading your customers out of the darkness and into the light?

This is a great time to establish a new way of thinking about your sales to earn ratio as the time from entering a tunnel to the time of existing a tunnel. Your task to keep the light burning bright enough so that your potential qualified customers who entered the tunnel with you will stay during the entire journey through the tunnel. Sales Coaching Tip: Abandon the concept of a funnel as it does not provide the same visual as the tunnel. Remember, people hear words, but think in pictures.

Now, the trick is to not lose anyone during the trip through the tunnel. How you do that is by developing and embracing education based marketing. After all, are you not the educator? Should you not be actively sharing your information?

Education based marketing is where you educate the potential qualified customer while simultaneously showing your value as that trusted advisor without charge. Sales Coaching Tip: This marketing strategy also helps to disqualify potential customers who are not a good fit.