Education Based Marketing - The New Sales Paradigm For Relationship Selling

Are you engaged in the old paradigm of sales based marketing? Have you heard of education based marketing? If you believe in relationship selling and wish to increase sales, then you may need to change your sales paradigm.

First, let's take a few moments to understand the word paradigm. This word's origin means "to show beside (an) example." In modern terms, it has come to mean a model as in Sales Based Marketing where the goal is to make the sale.

Now with the Internet providing a plethora of information and becoming the yellow pages of Cyberspace, the marketplace has changed. Sales professionals today must be able to demonstrate their value and using the paradigm of Education Based Marketing is a really great way to do just that - provide value through education.

Sales Coaching Tip: The outcome is the ability to increase sales faster than you thought possible.

This change of paradigm may require you to give up some existing beliefs about selling such as "I hate to talk to strangers" to "I cannot give anything away" to "Why give someone else a sale?". For in education based selling, you may talk to a lot of strangers, but you will only give away to potentially qualified customers. What this means is that you will need to invest the time to determine if this person is a right fit for what you do and for the solutions provided by your products or services.