Homeschool Curriculum Review - Memoria Press Complete Programs for K Through 6

There are many homeschooling curricula on the market these days. If you are looking for a more classic approach to learning that is structured for both you and your child, then consider the complete programs for elementary grade learning (K through 6) by Memoria Press.

Memoria Press has long been a provider of homeschooling material. They publish their own resources promoting a classical approach to Christian education and learning in general. The main elements of their program include memorization, recitation, repetition and copy work in order to teach children the necessary skills for each grade level.

For parents who are new to homeschooling or who want a more structured curriculum, Memoria Press provides complete packages that include core classes as well as the humanities (language, art, music) and a solid Christian Bible foundation. Many of the materials are from their own published resources but they do incorporate material from other published resources as well.

What is Offered

You may purchase a complete curriculum package for the grade level that you need. Kindergarten packages are intended to be taught for half day each. The lessons presume that the children can count to at least ten, write their own names and recognize the letters of the alphabet before beginning. Resources used besides Memoria Press include but are not limited to: Nature Reader K (Christian Liberty Press) and Primary Phonics Readers (EPS). The main focus is on math and phonics with other lessons rotating each day.

First grade begins with a full day program. Children learn cursive writing and literature is introduced. With Memoria Press, kids learn from actual published books and not readers.

Second grade introduces children to Latin. This is a classical language and is the one studied throughout sixth grade.

Third grade continues with Latin and literature, including three new books. Children learn astronomy and ancient Greek myths.