I Was Lied To About Organic Skin Care Products

You are exposing yourself and your family to Toxic Chemicals! It is finally out, most of the big brand skin care companies are selling us products with as many as 100 chemicals per product. The news is frightening. We purchase from companies that we feel that we can trust. The big names in skin care products are deceiving us. The soaps, shampoos, deodorants, the make-ups, are all loaded with chemicals. It is so bad that in the Wall Street Journal, an article recently stated that it is rumored that the government is going to force the skin care companies to change their products or face the penalty of having warning labels on their products similar to what you see on cigarette packages. Can you believe this? We are subjecting ourselves and our children to multitudes of chemicals and we aren't even aware of it.

We as consumers have been educating ourselves in the area of harmful products that we always thought were good for us. We have been shifting our purchases towards organic natural skin care products. Can you believe that just when we see a trend towards the purchase of organic products that make us feel safe, we discover the awful truth that once again many of the big brand companies that are not selling to us organic skin care products at all. They are claiming that they are selling us organic skin care products when in fact, only a small portion of their product contains an organic compound. Many of the major skin care companies will tell you that anything that has carbon in it is considered organic. I want you to think about this. When oil drilling companies are drilling for oil deep in the earth, that oil is considered to be made of carbon. Let me explain. Oil is formed from millions of years of leaves decomposing. Because petroleum oil or fossil fuel is derived from leaves, this means that this product is carbon based. So, these big brand skin care companies are selling us organic skin care products that contain fossil fuel. This is the deceit that we the consumers are facing.

You might be asking why these companies are doing this and my only thought is that they are doing it due to greed. They have been producing these skin care products for years and making billions of dollars. It takes a long time to develop a product that public fall in love with and would be very costly to drop that product. Now that people are concerned for the health of their families, they are looking for organic products. The big companies don't want to miss out on this huge market but yet, they don't have the resources to change their product lines to all natural organic products. So what they are doing is introducing a few organic compounds to their products and marketing them as organic. Do you want your family exposed to these harsh chemicals on a daily basis?

It is time to stand up and make a change. You might be asking yourself how you can make the change. What I can suggest is that you read the labels of the products before you make your next purchase. Only then can you be assured that you are getting something that is not loaded with chemicals.

We must keep in mind that not all companies are out to get us. There are many organic skin care companies that pride themselves on being organic, natural and healthy. These are the companies and products that one must look for.

I want you to think about organic skin care products. Do you realize how good for you they are? They are made by mother nature and mankind has never been able to substitute the benefits of the elements made by mother nature. It has been proven that using natural organic products on your skin is better for you than any other product. Organic skin care products can help to rejuvenate your skin and regain that glow of healthy looking skin.

Not only are organic skin care products good for you and your family, but they are good for the environment too. Think about it, you are using a product that is raised in earth that does not have any fertilizers or genetic altering chemicals. All the products used are all natural with no chemical additives. That means that there are no chemicals at all being produced to manufacture these products. That also means that there isn't any chemical being spilled on the earth or draining into our rivers and oceans. By using organic natural skin care products, we are helping our families, ourselves, the environment and we feel better as a result.

I find this very exciting. You can do your part to help save the environment by helping yourself. Isn't that great? So you are probably asking yourself, where can I find natural organic products that I can trust. I know of a place that is selling products that are not only great products, but they are the first ever to be certified by the USDA to be organic. I use these products and I have to tell you that I love them. Please look below for the details my website. I created this website so that people would have a place to find products that are really organic and healthy.

I can't tell you how good these products are. You just have to try them for yourself. They have a full line of organic makeup for women, organic soap, organic shampoo, organic deodorant and much more. But I tell you, it is so satisfying to see my kids using these products knowing that they are chemical free. It is so important to have a life style that doesn't expose our children to unnecessary harmful products.