Keeping Earthworms Within A Worm Farm

Now you have a worm farm. You have purchased a bunch of vermiculture earthworms especially for the objective of producing organic non-toxic compost and put them in specially organized earthworm bins. Now you are waiting with patience for the worms to produce plenty of natural plant food for you to spread around your backyard so that you can play a part in helping to save the planet. But recently the earthworms have begun worming their way out of the containers in gangs whilst your dreams of saving the earth are dashed. Aside from the cash you dedicated to buying the worms, the poor creatures are in all probability all dead at this point and of no assistance to anyone.

At this point ,, before you go away and purchase a further batch of synthetically grown earthworms you need to work out why they all wriggled out of their bins to begin with so as not to need to go through a repeat of the last experience. There are lots of good explanations why the earthworms might choose to leave the containers so it's recommended that you look into the list below to make certain you are not contributing in some manner to the worms' departing.

Soil too wet

If the soil in the containers is too wet the earthworms may attempt to crawl clear of it or otherwise may drown within the over-moist dirt so don't over-water.

Bin temperature excessive

The ideal temperature within a worm container varies between 12 and twenty nine degrees Celsius so make sure the soil inside your containers doesn't exceed this temperature. Note that the heat range given here's not in Farenheit but Celsius degrees. Exterior earthworm containers should be positioned in a shady spot that does not get direct sunshine.

Wrong foodstuff

Some foodstuff waste isn't conducive to earthworms. It is likely you are aware that you shouldn't be giving meat leftovers to your earthworms but that vegetable and fruit peelings are fine. Are you aware, however, that certain peelings irritate worms? Onion and citrus fruit peels are generally the main offenders here therefore make sure to refrain from chucking these into your earthworm containers.

Insufficient oxygen