Length Or Girth - Which is Better - A Womans Biological Perspective

A lot of men are concerned with increasing their length. But don't forget girth, too. "Girth" is the rotundness or how fat your penis is. What do women think is most important?

To understand this, we need to look at the female reproductive anatomy. There are two pairs of "lips" in a woman's reproductive system: The Labia Majora and the Labia Minora. Labia Majora are the outer, fat-filled lips. This is what makes up the infamous "camel toe." These lips are filled with fat. The reason for this? It's because the fat presses down and compresses the penis during sexual intercourse. Women, as they mature, especially after menopause, lose a lot of the fat deposition in their Labia Majora. In fact, there are surgical procedures that add fat to these areas. This helps squeeze the penis during sex and is more pleasurable for the man during intercourse. Here's a little-known anatomical secret, guys: Women with fat Labia Majora have the "tightest" vaginas, unless of course she's personally developed her internal musculature. So size, does matter, even in women.

The other set of "lips" are the Labia Minora. These are the inner lips. They are bilateral, meaning that they are on both sides of the introitus (entrance) of the vagina. If you follow the structure of these "lips," you will see that they are continuous, they are one and the same structure. The extend up and create the hood of the clitoris.

The hood of the clitoris has an extremely important function. It is analogous to the male foreskin, just as the clitoris is analogous to the male penis. When a man's penis is moving in and out of the vagina, what happens? It pulls these inner lips in with each penetration; and when he pulls his penis out, it pulls the inner lips out with it.

Since the inner lips are part of the structure of the clitoral hood, what happens? It moves the clitoral hood back and forth over the clitoris and creates pleasure for her. The friction of the hood - back and forth - during intercourse, is one of her main sources of pleasure during the sexual act.

If a man has a fat penis, with a large girth, what happens? He is able to have more of an affect on pulling the inner lips, in and out, which in turn, gives her more sexual stimulation. The girth of a man's penis is directly proportional to the amount of pleasure he can give her. If he has a skinny penis, he won't be able to pull these inner lips back and forth as much.