Make the Switch From Selling to Educating to Increase Sales Conversion Rate

Are you selling your products or services? How is that working for you? Would you like to increase sales conversion rate? Then you may need to switch your sales skills from selling to educating.

Possibly you may be thinking "I am always educating the customer." I tell him or her how great my product or service is or how my product or service can outperform the competition. As an old mentor of mine once said: "If you are telling, you ain't selling." (Please forgive the poor English.)

The problem here is that you are doing all the telling with a very high ego state. Now what would happen if you truly listened to the customer and helped him or her through an educational non-self serving approach?

For example, you have 5 targeted qualified potential customers in you sight. Why not send each of them a handwritten note, briefly introducing yourself and letting them know that the following week you will send them an article that they may find of interest. Of course the article would reflect your research about the issues that each company is facing.

The next week you send the article with another note about a new article that you will send the following week. After repeating this education based marketing behavior for 2 additional weeks, you then snail mail a word processed letter with a little more detail about yourself and letting the decision maker know that you will be calling the following week for an appointment. Sales Coaching Tip: If you wrote the article all the better. Even better, print it from a directory site such as or Sales Coaching Tip: My clients who have adopted this behavior increased first time appointments by well over 50% and increased conversion rates by 25% to 50%.

Another example is how you end your first telephone call with that potential qualified customer. Do you say something like "If I can be of further assistance, please let me know." Again, what would happen if you embraced the role of educator and said something like, "With your permission, I would like to send you a white paper or article that you may find of interest specific to this current problem or issue." Await for agreement before you ask this question: "Great! I would love to hear your thoughts about this article. Can we schedule a time next week to discuss it?" Sales Coaching Tip: The article or white paper must provided exceptional value and not be a sales based marketing strategy in disguise.

Auto-responders are another way to educate the customer. You provide a free report, a white paper, an assessment or even a free coaching program just for the exchange of leaving contact and industry information. Sales Coaching Tip: Do not overburden those who signed up for excessive emails that lack value.