Making a Worm Farm on a Budget

Budgeting is a good thing, and even in worm farming or raising worms you can still budget to save your hard-earned cash.

When first learning about worm farms and their creation, you should be as thrifty as possible. It is a dirty job, but it is also fun! If you stick it out, it will be worth investing in some better containers, but for now, lets build one on a budget and you can decide later if you enjoy the hobby.

To go inexpensive as possible, you can probably find most items right in your own home, if you dig around the garage or basement, I am sure you have all materials needed to create a worm farm, especially an outdoor worm farm.

What you will need is one to three boxes, depending on your goals. If you just want to raise earthworms, and use them for fishing bait, one cardboard box will do, if you can find one evenly squared, about three feet on all four sides, and about a 1/2 foot deep. Fill with dirt, and add some "used" coffee grounds and add the night crawlers or earth worms. The coffee grounds will cause the worms to reproduce at a very fast rate. The reason for this is because of the nutrients found in used coffee grounds.

If you want a double boxed compost worm farm where you can collect the worms extraction for soil, you would need to get the right worms and of make two or three (depending on your operation) of these boxes, and they would need some support to place on top of each other.

The bottom box would be for collecting the worm castings, which is prime for soil and using to grow organic plants which are very healthy. The 2nd box, would be place on top of that with maybe some wood 2x4's to keep it in place and from getting weak from the water that keeps the worm farm moist.

This box would need small holes at the bottom, so the worm castings leak to the bottom box. This top holey box would have your dirt, your worms, and on top of that, your food scraps.

As your worms reproduce and continue to grow, you can add a third box to the top of this, place a set of 2x4's again, and take all the food off the now middle box, and then add that to the dirt on the top holey box. What you have is a three layer worm farm, with the top being a place where the worms will go too to eat, to the top of the soil, then they will live in the second box, in the dark cool and most area and the bottom box would be collecting the worms urine or castings.