Professional Services Win More Sales by Educating Instead of Telling

Are you a professional service provider such as a lawyer, realtor, insurance agent, financial advisor, business coach, sales coach or executive coach? Would you like to win more sales while decreasing your sales to lead or sales cycle time? Then why not use your sales skills educate your potential qualified customers (a.k.a. prospects) instead of the traditional sales based marketing approach of telling them?

Think about your most recent encounter with a qualified potential customer? Did you end up sharing:

How great your product or service was?

How much better your product or service was compared to the competition?

How you have been selling for 10, 20 or 30 years?

Conversations like those evolved from a sales based marketing approach. As one of my colleagues, Jim Godshall once said: Far too many sales professionals show up and then throw up.

Would it not make more sense to truly educate the potential qualified customer from a non-self serving position? Using this relationship selling approach, you provide outstanding value for free while simultaneously establishing trust and potentially decreasing the sales cycle time.

Here are three examples of how education based marketing works: