Why Most Coaches Are the Gray Suits in the Sea of Sameness

Google the word executive coach and you will find a plethora of websites. Given that executive coaching is still a growing industry, one would think that these coaches would have more business than they could handle. However this is far from the truth. So what is the real problem?

The real problem is that most coaches are still selling from a sales based marketing approach instead of an education based marketing approach. Yes, some tip their toes in education base marketing by giving away free coaching sessions. Butt overall they are like all the other sales professionals or what I prefer to call the Gray Suits.

First, what is education based marketing compared to sales based marketing. The answer is simple. Your goal is first to educate and by providing exceptional value from your educational approach the potential qualified customer decides to buy instead of trying to sell yourself and what you do with that first handshake. Sales Coaching Tip: The exceptional value must be one of a kind, unique and truly result in a tangible deliverable.

Maybe you are thinking that you provide some free coaching time and even a money back guarantee. That is not a bad thing, but so do a lot of other gray suits, I mean coaches.

Jill Konrath in her book Selling to Big Companies discussed the Value Proposition which is different than the typical 30 second spiel or unique positioning statement. She makes an excellent point that the Value Proposition should be powerful. By describing tangible measurable business outcomes, the decision makers can quickly hear and then see the results that your solutions deliver.

Executive coaches, business coaches and sales coaches must have a deep understanding of business acumen along with good sales skills. Investing time in researching current market conditions, industry trends and issues specific to particular organizations is time well spent.