Worm Farming Secrets

Worm Farming Secrets - Start A Worm Farm   by James Harley

in Home    (submitted 2010-07-20)

Do you want to start a worm farm? Well, what are you waiting for? Follow these steps and begin farming worms as a hobby or as an additional source of income.

Number one: Look for a place that is most appropriate for worms. Your options may include an ice cream bucket, a wooden box, a small hard plastic swimming pool, or a plastic tote of any size. Create drainage, especially if your container is open or if you are planning on placing it outside your home. Puncture some drainage holes in the bottom sides by carefully pounding some small nails into it. Fill your container with soil, and add some food such as vegetable and fruit scraps, leaves, and grass clippings. Stir the food, and top the soil with leaves, grass, or cardboard. Doing so will help hold the moisture in, keep it dark under the soil, and even provide more food for your worms.

Number two: Find your worms. You can either buy worms from a bait shop, or get them yourselves. You can normally harvest worms from under piles of leaves, grass, and rocks. They are also particularly abundant at night, after a rain, or during a light rain. Again, remember that your container must be moist and away from direct sunlight. Add more food as the soil packs down and needs more space.